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testimonialFirst of all, let me say that this course was worth every dime and I mean that, considering the average cost of Level 1 training. When I took the course online, someone was always there to answer my questions. They have a lot of knowledge and experience behind their training that was helpful in starting my business. If you inspect residential or commercial property and you are not using infrared, the time to start is now. R.J., Austin, TX

I wanted to add infrared inspections to my business when I learned that another home inspector in my area was already doing it. Your online course opened up a new world of inspection that I never knew existed. Offering this service has added new revenue for my business at a time when I needed it most! T.C., Arlington, IL

Honestly, I'm happy to recommend PITI because you offer the best value I have found anywhere, and I searched everywhere. In fact, I searched for the better part of a year. Most Level 1 thermographer courses require you to go to a classroom and pay a lot. PITI had a fantastic online course at one-third the cost of attending other schools where I had to travel. Thank you again! J.S., Gainsville, FL

Infrared thermography was more complicated than I realized, but your course made it fun and interesting. I appreciate the student support and the online training part. Thank you. R.W., Vancouver, Canada

I perform environmental inspections and remediation and found PITI's infrared training, particularly the infrared moisture course, to be an invaluable asset to my business in diagnosing moisture and mold problems and preparing mold remediation protocols. S.S., Charlotte, NC

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely recommend this infrared training institute because they offer a great learning method and stand behind it. These guys also train home inspectors so I decided to go with them over another place that did not. The first thing I liked is that I could start the course the same day and didn't have to buy an infrared camera to take the course.
J.H., Cincinnati, OH

If I could change one thing, I would have waited to buy a camera until after taking your course because I learned so much. Thermal inspection is so much more than owning an infrared camera. Your course helped me understand how to make interpretations and produce reports that impress my clients. B.H., Albany, NY

I am a past student and have always been satisfied with this company and their online training, especially for home inspectors. My experience with them for infrared training was no different and I whole-heartedly recommend it. I can say from past experience that not every school cares about its students like they do, but I believe every school should.
G.S., Lee's Summit, KS

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testimonial"I was blown away and continue to be amazed.."

I took PITI's online infrared training courses to supplement my income, not knowing how large the market would be for infrared inspection services. Shortly after completing your training and offering thermal inspections as a side business, I got a call from a property management company asking if I could help do thermal imaging surveys for several hundred rental units as part of weatherization and green building projects! Needless to say, I was blown away and continue to be amazed at the demand for thermal imaging inspections.
C.S., Bradey, MS

testimonial"It is unbelievable what has happened to my business..."

Thank you for providing me with a great start on a new career path! It is unbelievable what has happened to my business. My goal was to be a home inspector who also offered infrared services. Now after taking your course and working awhile in the infrared survey business, I've become a thermographer who happens to offer home inspection services! I've purchased three infrared cameras, and the work and the income from jobs just continues to grow. If you enjoy the challenge and are willing to invest the time to learn, it is well worth it.
J.H., San Jose, CA